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Stave House - University Early Childhood Music Teaching Method

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                Stave House - University Early Childhood Music Teaching Method

Aria Music School Sydney is introducing Australia's first, university certified early childhood music teaching method, accredited and certified by the London College of Music - University of West London.  


The Stave House is a programme that makes learning music for the young easy and fun. Stave House method teaches children to read, play and write music. It uses a series of creative characters to engage children, through storytelling and nursery rhymes. The Stave House teaching is progressive, suitable for children with little or no music exposure. It presents a wonderful imaginary journey into the world of Stave House where your children will be equipped with classical music skills for life, able to read, write and play music. 


Stave House lays a musical foundation that is taught via a "see, hear and do" interactive approach to learning. The method encourages storytelling, role play, singing games and rhymes teaching creativity, inspiring curiosity and offering the child the freedom to explore academic musical concepts. The characters used represent the musical notes – like Ferdie the fox for F and Father Crotchet for a single beat. The characters when combined make music. Children are also taught to arrange the notes in their own liking, and re-ordering them to hear the different aural effects. This gives them exposure to music composing. 


The Stave House method is designed for all musical instruments. There is no need to invest in a particular instrument at the outset. The teaching will equip children with the knowledge and tools that they can apply later on to any chosen instrument.


The Stave House method is accredited and certified by the London College of Music - University of West London. This not only affirms the quality of the Stave House teaching, it also means that along the way children will have the opportunity to mark progress and obtain recognition through structured assessments & certification if they choose to do so.

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